maandag 26 januari 2015


Dear Readers,

                                   (Me now, 3 years later..)

That's been a long loooong time since I posted and I will explain to you why... 

I'm a seventeen year old girl and my name is June. Born on 1 July 1997. Hopefully I'll graduate in June (haha!) this year and get my Havo diploma. 

Four years ago when I was 14, I started blogging. Regularly I posted something, especially outfit posts. But somehow I quit posting on Friday 15th July 2012.. 
I keep asking myself why? But I can't look back in my thoughts why I decided quitting.

In the past 2,5 years my life changed a lot. Sometimes, I think once in three months, I go on With proud I look back on my posts and think it's kind of cute. For some moments I thought to go back to blogging, but I actually never did. 

And here I am in my graduation year. That means I have to make a 'Profielwerkstuk'. Dutchies will know the term PWS, but for the others I will explain. It's the biggest piece of work in your school career you'll have to make. Me and my partner decided to make a magazine about lifestyle. Better than some lame history subject don't you think?  The past few months I worked on our on magazine who called - C'est la vie - 

I really enjoyed making the magazine because all the time I compared it with the time I was still blogging. Writhing articles, inspire people and get inspired by other people (for example). I also watched a lot of Vloggers on YouTube. 

And that what brings me here. I wanted to start blogging again!!! But there are some problems:
- I am in my graduation year. So I do not have all the time of the world because of the lots of learnings I have to do..

Don't know nothing about HTML, because in the last few years everybody started to use HTML for a nice lay-out for their blogs. 

- Lost my Canon charger (Yes I will find it!!)

For now, my lay-out sucks haha, but yeah that takes time. I'm working on it! 
In May I already have summer holiday, so be patient. Then I do have all the time of the world so I can focus on my blog. The next months I will blog some outfit posts but not much because I'm still in school.

What do you think of my comeback? Let me know in the comments,

Lots of Love, June!

p.s. I'm starting to write my blog in English so I can take it to the next level

p.p.s. My English isn't perfect so let me know if there is a false sentence so I can improve it.

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  1. Wauw June, I'm so happy you started blogging again! I hope you'll write some beautiful articles and I can't wait to see you photo's either!

    Lots of love,